Moondrop Dropper & Helios Rollers: Beauty Oils by CELESTE BOTANICALS

Welcome back Dolls! Happy Thanksgiving! It is so good to be able to blog again after a long hiatus! I do apologize for that. With the past Hurricane Irma that threatened where I’ve been living, I did have to evacuate and then come back, we were safe through out though. Plus all the clean up and unpacking of course, it did get hectic and busy the couple of days after. Also, I needed to get some me time as well and just catch up with life and responsibilities. We all have those moments where we just need to give time just for ourselves too.

And when life gives you things to be worried and stressed about, it shows on your skin, especially on your face. There are times you can’t really avoid it. All you can do is treat your skin the right way, enough TLC should do the trick.

I am firm believer that when your mind, body and spirit are all in harmony, you are in good health and it shows really well. Someone that is full of stress and negativity, reflects it the same. And for someone who uses products on the face constantly that can be harshful at times, I do feel the need to go back to the natural and organic treatments to my skin.

Here is where my friends from Celeste Botanicals come in.

Celeste Botanicals, founded by Kristen and Henry created a brand that expresses Ayurvedic Healing through the power of natural and botanical skin care elixirs and oils.

All their products are carefully curated and selected, all-natural, well-balanced, cruelty-free and most importantly, is safe for the skin.

When I first learned about their products, From packaging, to its description and what it actually does, my impression of it was ethereal in a way. It’s like I’m going to use products for my skin that goddesses might actually use if they were real. So I will be sharing my experience and review on 2 of their products here on my blog. So that hopefully you guys can try it out for yourselves too.

Let me start with…

Moon Drop Facial Oil

This oil is a calming oil designed to calm and sooth sensitive skin. I have very very sensitive skin, so when I learned of this, I was glad. I have a really hard time finding products for my face since I tend to break out or have an allergic reaction as soon as I apply it on.

This facial oil is all-natural, and has the most refined ingredients I have ever encountered.

This contains Blue Tansy oil which has Azulene and Chamazulene which are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. Squalane made from olives, that is naturally produced by our skin, restores youth to the skin. Damask Rose oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties as well. Sandalwood essence which is has an antibacterial property plus helps fight acne as well. Turmeric, which most of us are very familiar with, eliminates inflammation, discoloration and is anti-aging too. Lastly, Vitamin E, that is also an antioxidant and helps neutralize free radicals in our cells especially the skin.

So from just the ingredients, I felt really comfortable using this product on my face. I used it after washing my face, applying 3-4 drops on my palm and massaging it onto my slightly wet skin. It felt really nice on the face. It did not feel too oily after. I made sure it absorbed my skin as I massaged it. It gave my face a natural “moonlit” glow.

I did this for a couple of weeks to see how it was working on my face. I did every night before I went to bed. You can actually do this day or night. My skin felt more supple after a week or so, and it did look healthier. And no allergic reactions happened through out. I was actually concerned that since I have combination skin too, my skin would be oilier than usual. It would only be in the morning when I woke up but through out the day my face was the same and felt great. I also didn’t have much redness that I tend to have on my face. I believe this is a great product for anyone who has sensitive skin.

So we’ll be moving on to the next…

Helios Facial Oil Roller

This facial oil roller is for dry, sun damaged skin. It is very handy and portable since it is in a 3oz roller bottle you can bring along in your bag or even your pocket.

Its ingredients are amazing as well. From Rosehip oil that is well-known for its anti-aging properties, and helps skin cell turnover. Rose oil, Squalane, Jasmine Sambae that has that calming aroma and is effective in reducing discolorations or dark spots. Necroli oil from orange blossoms, which is a skin brightener and evens skin tone. Vitamin E is an essential as well. And 24 karat Gold Flakes that is visible in the roller bottle which is believed to increase circulation and provide anti-aging qualities as well. Check it out below.

I actually used when I am out and about. You all know that aside from being a lippie-fanatic. Second would be my highlighters. This was perfect for an on-the-go glow with no makeup look too. It is not greasy. Smells wonderful. And was soothing to the skin. I kinda like this one actually. Plus the gold flakes made it look so pretty and unique too.

So my verdict for these beauty oils? Thumbs up! I believe it actually works well on me, this is based on my own experience and opinions. I did not have any issues when I used them. I also admire the packaging. It redefines skin care in a whole other realm. And did I mention they are cruelty-free too? Yes they are!

So there you have it, Loves! My thoughts on Celeste Botanicals’ Beauty Oils. I’ll be linking down below their website if you’re interested in trying them out. So ’til next time, Ciao!


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