LimeLight by Alcone ONYX Lipstick Collection: BLACK TIE 

Hey there Dolls! Welcome back to my site. 😘 Today I will be reviewing on an exciting lip product I have had a privilege to learn of and try as well. 

My lovely friend @tabithao_beauty reached out to me and introduced me to a makeup brand named LimeLight by Alcone. This was the first time I’ve heard about them and it peaked my interest. I checked out their website and I saw how they were founded since the 50’s yet it’s only now I’ve learned of them. They were used mainly before for professional makeup on stage and films, but they have expanded their brand to the public especially to women-even men through their makeup line and even skin care line. Amazing. 

Their products are all-natural and are great quality. You definitely need to check them out for sure.

I luckily got a hold of one of their lipsticks from the Onyx Perfect Lipstick Collection shade Black Tie

The collection contains 3 perfect pout lipsticks and I will review on the shade Black Tie. 

Black Tie is a gorgeous burnt umber shade that goes well with all skin tones. Below is a swatch of the lipstick.

The color is very intense with just one swipe. The color actually reminds me of autumn, it is so perfect for the fall season, but can be used anytime of the year. I always love dark and deep colors of lipstick. Since I am light-skinned, these kinds of colors emphasizes my small lips. I just think it completes a look very well. 

Ready for the look?

The lipstick has a very moisturizing property that I really love. The whole time I had it on, my lips felt so hydrated and plumpier. The color looked so good on my lips. It is actually an opaque finish so it definitely looked full coverage,  With a slight sheen to it.

Application was very easy, Like a normal tube lipstick. It does come off when you wipe or eat and does transfer. I really didn’t have a problem with it since reapplying was not any issue for me. It gives the same full coverage yet again as you apply. 

I went with some light smokey eyeshadow with this lippie. I didn’t need to overdo it because the lipstick made the whole look more intense and alltogether. I love this color really.

So my verdict? This is totally a thumbs up for me! Lippie-approved! 

This is pretty much an all around lipstick in my opinion. I most definitely will get more of this. And can’t wait to try out the other products they have. Unquestionably a must have for any lip-lover’s collection.

So there you have it! Another review for you lovely Dolls out there. If you want to check out this lippie, photos and other products of LimeLight by Alcone, I recommend you check out my lovely friend’s Instagram account and her link to see what I’m talking about. Links below:

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