Hey there, Dolls! It’s me again. I am back after a long badly needed break. I apologize to those who’ve been waiting for another one of my blogs. And first off, I welcome you all to my new site! It’s still under construction and I am slowly moving everything from my other site to this one. No worries though! Everything will still be the same here as well. So let’s get started on this long overdue lippie review, shall we?  

Today’s Lippie is KYLIE LIPKIT: APRICOT.

Let me start with the lip liner. As always, the formula for Kylie Cosmetics’ lip liners did not change. It remains creamy and application is still amazing. It resembles a lip crayon actually, so even just applying this alone, will do. 

Apricot is a pale peach color with a matte finish to it. It is actually a perfect spring color. 

Next is the liquid lipstick,

Gorgeous, cream liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish. Same packaging as the other previous lip kits. The signature scent of Kylie’s Liquid Lipstick is like no other, its not overpowering at all. That’s something I appreciate with these lippies. 

Now let me show you swatches for both:

I love the color! I was hesitant at first to try this since it might tend to look pasty on my complexion. But overall, it looked really nice. It would look much better for the  darker-skinned dolls in my opinion. 

Ready for the look? 

Yaaaasss! I fell inlove with this lippie. ❤️ 

I used the KYLIE ROYAL PEACH PALETTE for my eyeshadow with this look too! With a really defined eyeliner, this look really popped!

The lippie actually stayed on for a couple of hours. It didn’t crack or flake on my lips. Although after around 6 hours, it started to come off because of all the stuff I was eating and drinking. Reapplying wasn’t a problem.

I love this shade really. It blends with my ombre hair too. Lol. This is so perfect for spring even for summer. Overall, it is an amazing liquid lipstick and I cannot say anything bad about it. 

And there you have it, Dolls! Another long-awaited review for you guys. Don’t forget to check out my social media accounts and this new website of mine! It’s still under works though so please bear with me. Til next time! Ciao!



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