Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick “ARMAGEDDON” with BECCA Crystal Glow Gloss “AMETHYSTxGEODE”

Welcome back, Dolls! Thanks for being here on my site. It’s time yet again for another Lip-loving review from me, and this review has two new lippies packed in one! I am excited, so let’s get this going…

First off, let me start with one of my fave make up brands, Kat Von D Beauty. From foundations to concealers to their lipsticks, you name it, one of the finest makeup brands I know. Let me start with their Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: Armageddon.

Armageddon is a carnation pink shade from the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection. It was one of the first ever shades Kat Von D launched.  I fell in love with the color. Yes, not everyone might be drawn to the shade but for me, it is that perfect “barbie” color the inner younger me, wanted. 

It’s a long lasting liquid lipstick, that is highly pigmented and has a smooth, matte finish. Very much comfortable to wear.

Next will be one of the newer releases of BECCA Cosmetics, The new Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in AMETHYSTxGEODE

This is a lip topper in gloss form that has kaleidoscopic pearls that make the color shift it’s shade when light hits it, inspired by ergo the kaleidoscope. It gives this multidimensional shine that can be worn as a topper or alone. 

The shade is a lavander duo chrome with an aquamarine shift. 

The shimmer alone is very nice, and is not as tacky as some glosses are. It also has a coconut and vanilla scent to it.

Here’s the swatch for both…

The Armageddon swatch is so pretty, and such pigment. The AmethystxGeode swatch reflects so much even only as a swatch on the skin, it is really packed in every swipe of the gloss.

Now are you guys ready for the look?

Tada! So with this, I applied the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: Armageddon first then topped it off with the BECCA Cosmetics Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss: AmethystxGeode. And this is how it came out. Surprisingly, it came out okay. I still love the Armageddon liquid lipstick, it stayed true to its color and its capabilities. The AmethystxGeode Gloss on top, as you can see has the iridescent shimmer. 

I had them both on my lips for awhile, both of them came off easily since combining them made the liquid lipstick’s longwearing characteristic wear off.

So verdict for the two, let’s start with the liquid lipstick Armageddon:

The color for me amazing, it is long- wearing despite the current use. Very pigmented. And is full coverage  with one glide on application. Overall, I love this lipstick and I give it a thumbs up. 👍🏻 

Next with the Crystal Gloss AmethystxGeode:

The gloss has its pros and cons. Pros are, it is very comfortable to wear. I hate lip glosses that are so tacky on the lips, this one is neither sticky nor watery.  I find it very conditioning on the lips too. It does provide what it somewhat claims, it has that iridescent shimmer whenever it hits the light. It does add an additional dimension to the lip or lipstick but maybe just that. To the cons then? I think, its just that? On the swatch I did, I did see how packed and sparkly it all was. But over lipstick it did kind of vanish. I guess since the lip color I used is a reflective color of some sort with the gloss-I do not know. But I think maybe worn alone, it may look better but on top of this lipstick, it did not fulfill as much as I expected. So that’ll be a thumbs down. 👎 

There you have it loves, my reviews for these 2 lippies. I do hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have tried and tested them for you guys. Please don’t forget to check out my social media and follow and subscribe as always! Til next time! Ciao! 💕

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