Dose of Colors: IS IT SUMMER YET? Bundle

Well hello loves! Welcome back to my site! I am back and ready to give you another exciting review! A tad bit late, but if you’ve followed me on my Instagram and my other social media accounts, I recently posted a look and even posted my first ever makeup video on Youtube..yay! No worries for those that have not seen it, i’ll post the link below after the review. As I was saying, I posted a look recently and of course, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t do a review on the lippies I used. So here it is and hope you dolls love it and continue to subscribe and follow my blog! Here we go…

For those who have not heard about Dose Of Colors, this company launched back in 2013 and is both a cruelty free and vegan makeup brand that doesn’t really hurt your budget. They were ones of the first to have the matte liquid lipsticks as soon as they boomed. They also have other makeup lines for face and the eyes as well. 

So when I was doing my Sunset Ombre Look. I went with their summer bundle as my lippie color choices. The bundle consists of three liquiq lipstick colors. Berry Me 2, Coral Crush and Pink Promise. They can all be bought separately but when I purchased this, the summer bundle was such a deal for the three lippies, I didn’t even need a second to think about it. 

Here’s the swatches for all three.

So let me break the colors down first:

Coral Crush: Bright Coral Shade with Matte Finish

Pinky Promise: Bright Hot Pink Shade with Matte Finish

Berry Me 2: Magenta Plum Shade with Matte Finish

The colors are very vibrant and perfect for the Sunset Ombre Look

Are you ready for the look? 

I did an ombre lip for this one. And it actually applied well. 

So I started off with Berry Me 2 on the outer edges of my lips, then Pink Promise in the midcenter, and then lastly Coral Crush on the tip or center of my lips.

 I know I shouldn’t have pressed my lips together, and whenever I apply lipstick on, I usually don’t. But one thing I do like about these lippies is that even though they are matte finish, they are creamy. So when I did, the colors just blended themselves as I pressed my lips together. 

The liquid lipsticks are very creamy. And applies really well. It takes around a minute before it completely dries down to matte but when it does, it doesn’t remain dry and flakes off. 

The consistency is lightweight. The color is very vibrant. The only thing I would nitpick would be Berry Me 2, it was streakier than the other 2 colors. And nothing is wrong with that since I know colors like plum colors and deep shades are harder to formulate. I needed to swipe twice to make it full coverage. Other than that, I would say, the lippies are great! They are amazing colors and for the price point, Quality is what you are paying for. 

Did I mention they are cruelty free?vegan? Paraben free? And gluten free as well? 

So there you have it! My review on the Dose of Color: IS IT SUMMER YET? BUNDLE. Hope you guys enjoyed this! Don’t forget to follow my Social Media accounts and don’t forget to subscribe! 

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And here is my first Youtube Video Make Up Look! 

Please check it out!!! 

Til next time loves…

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