Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Chi & Maybelline Color Sensational Lipliner: Nude

Hello again! I’m back. I said I would continue with my review on lippies so here I am again! This is kind of a continuation from my other blog I just posted since I used these lippies for the whole look. Let’s start.. 

First, I used Maybelline Color Sensational Lipliner: Nude to line my lips. It does the job… Just a tad harder, not as creamy or soft like the others I have used. But great color. It’s a pencil tip that pigments really well. Color is more of rosy nude and not really a nude color. But that’s fine though, like i said, I tend to use darker lipliners for my lippies so it pops out even more. 

 And then I used Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Chi on my lips. It is a cool nude beige tone with matte finish. I’m addicted to Colourpop’s Lippies. I mean it. Their colors are amazing and are very light and feathery on the lips. It dries fast so wait before smacking your lips together so it won’t goop up. The color is perfect for an everyday look or when you want to exaggerate your eyes and you need a nude shade for the lips, this one is perfect! 

 And there you have it. A short but sweet review on these products. Tap/Click on those hyperlinks and get yours too. til next time loves! Ciao! 😘

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